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Posted on: November 21, 2019

Education Foundation Surprises 2019 Innovative Teaching Grant Winners



Last month, more than 50 grant applications poured into the Little Elm ISD Education Foundation for a chance to receive grant money to enhance learning in a classroom or at a campus. Several LEISDEF Board members and volunteers read each application and used a rubric to grade each one they read. The competition was tough this year as teachers stated their case to use grant money to fund their innovative ideas. In the end, 27 teachers and staff were awarded a collective $28,015.49 in grant money.

Chavez 5th Grade Team - $1414.80
An Apple a Day Keeps the Boredom Away

Chavez 2nd Grade Team - $1120
Dallas Arboretum Field Trip to Chavez

Jasleen Sawhney (Hackberry) - $604.95
Jacklyn Harper (Hackberry) - $664.93
Callie Masai (Hackberry) - $604.95
Megan Branch (Hackberry) - $604.95
Nancy Burzynski (Hackberry) - $604.95
Let There be Light

Erika Finch (Hackberry) - $800
Interactive Learning? Yea Please!

Kelli Martin (Hackberry) - $885
Christina Bonner (Hackberry) - $885.00
Erika Moreno (Hackberry) - $885.00
Elmo Document Camera

Julie Ratliff & Jena Lopez (Hackberry) - $1252.78
Trans-adaptational Spanish Book

Mariza Escamilla (Hackberry) - $660
Vanessa Moya (Hackberry) - $660.00
Hear Me Out! Headphones with Microphones

Kyla Heffernan (Lakeside) - $1200
Energy for the Future

Lisa McClellan (Lakeside) - $1266.95
Diving into the World of Green Screen

Jeani Gonzalez (Lakeside) - $1500
Science Escape Room

Brandon Jarrett (Lakeside) - $773.60
Lobo-Art Captured with Quality

Jenna Brown & Susie Jameson (Lakeside) - $1673.34
The Language Barrier Breaker

Christal Rivas (Lakeside) - $1500
GOAL Club Project

Nicole Kralovetz (LEHS) - $1348.78
Sensory Enrichment for Active Learners

Hailey Vail (LEHS) - $1180
Digital Piano for Music Literacy

Kelly Sutherland (LEHS) - $1309.51
The Painting Room Well Equipped

Lisa Bobo (LEHS) - $1500
All in Learning Classroom Clickers

Cindy Delcambre (Prestwick) - $625
Sensory Pathways to Social-Emotional Learning

Karla Figueroa (Prestwick) - $1450
Outdoor Learning Center Supplies

Karla Figueroa (Prestwick) - $1041
Let's Have Books at our Fingertips

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