Posted on: February 16, 2018

LEHS Students featured in event for local realtors

realtor event

By Devyn Kote

February 12, 2018 

    What better way to promote Little Elm than with food and music from our talented Little Elm students. On February 2, after school hours, realtors came to visit the high school as students and staff showed off what makes Little Elm so great.


    “We had about 90 local realtors who attended,” said Tony Tipton, the Executive Director for Marketing & Community Partnerships. Tipton organized this event to showcase the school and area to realtors. Planning for the event began as early as September of 2017.


   “We are making them aware of how good we are,” Ryan Contreras, the CTE and Fine Arts Coordinator, said. “This is so they can sell to the area,” as Contreras puts it.


    Teacher Eric Fink, the guitar club sponsor, was asked to have some of his players provide background music for the event. The school’s culinary department also cooked and prepared desserts for guests during the event.


    Administration began to set up tables in the cafeteria, DECA having a booth of their own and art pieces from the sculpture class setup towards the front. Complimentary goody bags were set on tables when guest entered as well. Tables with food menus and glasses of coffee beans were set up in front of a projector screen in the new section of the cafeteria.


    Guitars, ukuleles, and beautiful voices filled the room at the start of the event. The smell of freshly cooked desserts filled the hall leading to the culinary kitchen, but could somehow still be inhaled even from the cafeteria.


    “We discussed Dual Language, Advanced Academics, Fine Arts, Athletics, College Readiness, Curriculum, Career & Technical Education, and more.” Tipton stated. After the discussion, the realtors were “treated with a tour of the newly renovated high school.”


    The event was sponsored by local home builders, title companies, housing developers who paid for a full table set up.


    “The event was a grand success by all measures,” Tipton explained. “We had a great deal of help from Mary Day who works for Matthew Southwest, developers of The Tribute housing community in The Colony.”

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