Posted on: August 7, 2017

Photo Essay: Dr. Strike's Last Official Day as Superintendent


strike 1

Superintendent Dr. Strike enjoys his morning coffee while checking his daily emails inside his packed office. Dr. Strike usually spends his mornings in meetings, but prefers to visit campuses. Today, he has plans to visit a campus to see staff excitement as they prepare for the new school year.


Dr. Strike visits with Daniel Gallahger, assistant superintendent for Educational Services just days before Gallagher takes over as the new superintendent. He was named lone finalist in July. 

strike 3

Dr. Strike goes over his emails one last time and puts a final touch on his speech he will give to 900 Little Elm ISD employees at Convocation.

strike 5

It is not uncommon staff forgo the handshake and go straight for the embrace. Chavez Elementary Librarian Leslie Woolsey is seen here with Dr. Strike. He has instilled a sense of famiLE culture district-wide. 

strike 7

Dr. Strike shares a few kind words with Michael Brockett, lead custodian of Chavez, while visiting the campus. Dr. Strike is telling Brockett he has something to give him. 

strike 8

Dr. Strike gives Little Elm ISD apparel and a few winter jackets to Brockett.

strike 8

Chavez Principal Doug Sevier and new Assistant Principal Melissa Cota listen to Dr. Strike as he offers advice on how to continue to strengthen teachers and raise the bar as it pertains to curriculum. 

strike 9

Gerald Muhammad, Assistant Director of Talent Improvement for Human Resources, greets Dr. Strike as he makes his way back to his office at Support Services.

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